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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

Bad Bloom - Tokyo

'Tokyo' kicks off with a huge thick bassline, accompanied by some textural synth sounds that set the tone perfectly for the rest of the track. Melodic guitar work is then added in, giving you the feeling you are in for a mellow shoegaze indie tune. However, this song is much more than that as the instruments pick up and a more fuzzy, punky sound emerges from behind this shoegaze veil. The yearning vocal lines add a haunting element to this powerful track, that pulls you in all sorts of different directions and emotions. This is a song to stay up late to, stargaze and let your emotions run free alongside the flowing melodies and rhythms of the track.

Shader - Runaway

'Runaway' is the latest single by Stoke indie rockers Shader. This latest track is their most anthemic yet, combining hooky melodies with arena-sized synth and guitar parts. The track feels like a throwback to Indie's golden era of the mid 00's, but manages to re-package this into a much more contemporary sound. You can also hear some pop-punk elements here as well, helping to make it more unique sonically. Overall, this is just a great singalong, hands in the air Indie tune. One that you can imagine packed arenas losing their sh*t to in the years to come.

Josh Savage - Young Fools

Josh Savage is an impressive young songwriter ,who has racked up over 6m Spotify streams, and supported acts as diverse as, Kodaline, Jack Savoretti, Reverend & the Makers, Roll Deep and Catfish & The Bottlemen and even performed for Dubai’s Royal Family – all without representation. Pretty damn impressive! And that calibre speaks in the quality of this song. This track is a glorious indie pop banger that you can imagine would sit perfectly on the Made In Chelsea playlist. This track at it's core would sound like James Bay, with it's sweet acoustic guitar work and catchy melodies. However the song is fleshed out with 80's inspired drum and synth sounds, to really elevate this track to the next level. A level that'll have it stuck in your head for days, dreaming of summer.

Esports Player - Self-Care

'Self-Care' is the debut release from Esports Player - however this track sounds very much complete and accomplished for a debut single. With it's 80's tinged drum sounds and synths, the song has a nostalgic yet fresh feel - something you would associate with Kevin Parker (Tame Impala). The instrumentation is luscious throughout and lays a perfect foundation for the hooky melodies that sit on top. This track really does glisten from start to finish with it's dreamy guitars and laid-back tempo, that leaves you wanting more and more of this excellent debut single.

Latchy - Foreign Local

This new single by multi-instrumentalist and producer Latchy, slowly builds for the first 55 seconds with a whimsical, snap your fingers kind of chilled out verse. The track turns though when you least expect it at the 55 second mark, with an incredible, thick, viscous bassline set to an unrelenting four-to-the-floor beat giving this a disco indie feel. Kind of like if Tame Impala and Daft Punk had a secret lovechild. The bassline really does steal the show here, however the juxtaposition between that heavier section and the lighter, singalong sections helps you to appreciate every part that little bit more. This track has a bit of everything, and is definitely one that I will have on repeat.

Sam Baird - Fall Down The Hurricane

Sam says this track is about stumbling through life and trying to understand your place in the world while everything feels out of your control, which is a feeling that is so relatable to most of us. And the tone of the track really fits with the meaning behind the song with lots of grungey guitars and fuzzy bass, which combined with some haunting piano accompaniment let's you know something big is coming as the track slowly builds. This reaches it's climax in the chorus which is full on with its catchy melodies and big crashing guitar sounds. The combination of instruments here creates an other-worldly sound from an artist having to escape the normal confines of this planet we find ourselves on, to find some meaning. A really interesting listen this track.

Big Timber - Young

'Young' is a swirling, luscious, psychedelic synth-pop song that reflects on the reckless fun of youth in a nostalgic manor. The track begins with a huge sounding bass riff, accompanied by some low-fi drums and delicate synths in a Kevin Parker-esque tone. The track swirls around your mind like the coming and going of the tides of nostalgia, with some excellent production here giving that effect with synths panning from side to side. The chorus is a simple, yet addictive hook, which is exactly what the track needed to finish it off. This tune will certainly have you tripping with every step through this exciting journey down memory lane, enjoying all of the many melodies on the way.

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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