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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

Mia Mormino - Joan of Arc

Mia Mormino is bringing a fierce & fresh pop sound on latest track 'Joan of Arc', which goes to show exactly why she is one of the most exciting new pop artists around! Mia's powerful vocals once again take centre stage on this impeccably written track, showcasing her game-changing writing prowess. Mia comes from Los Angeles and has amassed over 1m streams on Spotify to go with the 6.5m over on YouTube - proving the huge popularity and potential this artist already has. Definitely a standout track from a standout artist that you should keep an eye out for, because it certainly seems as though she is heading straight for the top!


I love this band, and this latest track is no exception! With it's fresh Indie Pop sound and interesting instrumentation, it all makes for a compelling listen. The vocals are incredibly modern and flow with a rap like quality. However they still maintain a strong melodic element with hooks all over. The bass line in this single is particularly attention grabbing with it's disco 'Daft Punk - Get Lucky' vibes. At one point it almost breaks out into a Tame Impala-esque bassline in the bridge, which combined with the swirling synths and reverbed vocals really does hark towards some of Kevin Parkers best work. Something tells me I'm going to have this song on repeat a lot... and so should you!

Wise John - Mr. Love

Wise John is back with an incredibly warm, happy new single 'Mr. Love'. The song kicks straight in with a luscious melody that is accompanied by equally as sweet harmonies. There is a really soulful feeling throughout the song, with it's use of instrumentation and those aforementioned harmonies throughout. The song really reminds me of Bruno Mars' supergroup with Anderson .Paac, Silk Sonic. Wise John takes big inspiration from the big band music of Electric Light Orchestra and you can definitely hear that influence in this track, with it's wide ranging arrangement filling the soundscape out into a massive, grandiose texture. A great fun, happy track that'll surely brighten up your day!

Tali Flynt - I'm So Bored

Tali is an up and coming pop star who manages to infuse pop sounds and melodies with real organic instruments, like drums and guitars. On this latest track 'I'm So Bored', that combination of sounds makes for a really interesting listen, as Tali maintains the catchiness of pop music whilst having that driving rockier feeling provided by the instrumentation. The track is really well written and produced and has such a steady driving flow to it, which compliments the vibe of the instrumentation. You can certainly hear this song fitting in well within the genre blurred landscape of music we are heading into, and so Tali is certainly an artist to keep an eye on!

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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