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Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

Alta Falls - The Space In Between

Alta Falls' latest single 'The Space in Between', is a slow brooder of a tune that builds and builds with unstoppable momentum. With its moody intro it offers some emotions of melancholy with the gorgeous harmonies, set to a simple organ sound and steady drums. As the song develops the texture builds and builds, before coming to an abrasive holt. This is then followed by a dramatic gap in the music, before a euphoric outro stages centre stage, complete with more guitars and melodies! This creates the perfect crescendo for this awesome new track!

Bloodyarvo - Feel My Heart Sleeps

Sydney based Indie Alt Band Bloodyarvo are bringing the psychedelic vibes on their impressive debut single, 'Feel My Heart Sleeps'. The song builds and flows with many highs and lows sonically that take you through an epic journey. The band cite Tame Impala and Led Zeppelin as major influences, and you can certainly hear those influences, as they meet somewhere between those heavy riffs and a psychedelic sounds, to tell a story that delves into themes of self-consciousness and escapism. All finished off with a really hooky chorus!

Ali Rice - If Only

Ali Rice's debut single is a powerful track that'll have you singing along with ever word! The song kicks off straight way with an incredibly melodic intro, that is then cut away abrasively to introduce the vocals. This is set to some echoing guitars, propelling the vocals through the verses. This all then builds up to a huge, luscious chorus full of melodies and counter melodies that really catch your ear as a listener. It is this juxtaposition between the moody verses and the big melodic choruses that makes this such an intriguing listen. The song is complete by a really heavy outro where the guitars pick up and round off the track perfectly!

Break Fate - Change The World

Change the world is a Pop-Rock anthem of epic proportions. You've got some huge stadium sized sounds in here, but this is rounded off with some really nice touches musically with stops and drum riffs that create a compelling listen from start to finish. The vocal melodies are real earworms and are backed up by some luscious synths - accentuating this melody. There is also a great break down section with overlapping vocals as the instruments slowly build, leading to one last huge chorus! This really is an epic track that needs to be heard!

Georgia Hoareau - Oh Well

Georgia Hoareau is a rising star to keep an eye on! Hailing from Gold Coast, Australia, Georgia is a Bedroom Pop star with a real edge - especially on this latest single. Here Georgia is turning the fuzzy guitars up to 11 as ferocious drums propel the track to 100mph. This all lays a perfect foundation for Georgia's hooky pop melodies to take centre stage. The production of the track is incredibly fresh and contemporary sounding, providing the perfect balance between those grungey guitars and those massive pop melodies.

Chase Tremaine - Middle of My Words

Nashville based songwriter Chase Tremaine is back with terrific new single 'Middle of My Words'. The song starts off with a steady groove that ultimately builds up into an incredibly melodic chorus. The arpeggiated guitars complement the luscious vocal melodies perfectly here, creating a gorgeous luscious sound. The sentiment in the chorus lyrics can really be felt by the power of that previously mentioned arrangement., which adds another dimension and emotion to the meaning behind the song. Overall this is a really interesting song sonically that has enough variation to keep you guessing at every turn.

The Assist - Better Days

Midlands 5-piece The Assist are back with a thumping new single! The track tackles thought provoking subjects, but this is all set to a very fun and lively instrumentation, which gives the song this strong sense of melancholy. The lyrics are delivered with a very honest, personal style of delivery, akin to Mike Skinner, which helps get across the lyrical subject themes of working class troubles, that most of us can relate with! Production here is incredibly fresh and modern sounding too, with its punchy drums, piercing guitars and atmospheric background synths. All of this adds up to a really intriguing listen, that you should definitely be checking out!

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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