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Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

ear candy - lonely

'ear candy' describes their music as exactly what it says on the tin... and they sure prove that in this incredibly fun and catchy number. The song kicks off straight away as it means to continue, with hooky melodies set to bright guitar sounds and upbeat drums. There are also some really interesting chord changes that help tug at your heartstrings and balance nicely against the happy vibes throughout the rest of the song. The chorus here sounds huge and is really quite glorious, full of joy with its perfectly layered instrumental section. The production here too is so crisp, helping the song to hit you in the right place. A brilliant slice of Indie Synth Pop from ear candy.

The Silver Lines - Hotel Room

The Silver Lines are back with a bang on latest single 'Hotel Room'. The band have been heavily focused on getting away from the 'Indie Band' stereotypes that have existed for a long time, and as such try to create music on a higher level than simple teenage love songs. Instead they tackle wide ranging topics such as toxic masculinity and learnt behaviours from past generations. This helps them connect to the listener on a higher level, and that is certainly what they do on this single, which is a really solid track from start to finish. The vocals come across as very self-aware with the way they are projected towards the listener, cutting deep into the soul of the listener. The instrumentation backs this up with a very solid sound, the guitar work in particular helps to elevate the song during the choruses to new levels!

Deleo - You Feel

'You Feel' is the latest release by Deleo, and it is an exhilarating listen from start to finish! The track kicks off as it means to go on with an abrupt intro that catches your ear instantly. From then onwards the music and lyrics take you on an adventure through various genres such as art pop, electronic indie and even dance music... because this song is damn groovey! You can alsohear undertones of Depeche Mode in some of the guitar licks here, echoing 'Enjoy The Silence', which in itself fits in with the mysterious and eerie vibe of the track. However that mystery is juxtaposed by the upbeat and dancey drum beats and bass lines that propel the track to new heights. This really is an incredible track that you should be adding to your playlist right this second!

Lennee - Start It Over

Start It Over, is a ferocious energetic track from start to finish! The song focuses on the frustration of past mistakes and decisions. And you really hear that coming through in this angsty song. Along with that there are some really cool guitar riffs throughout that along with the powerful drums really propel the track forward at all times, never looking back. You then get sections of melancholy where the instrumentation dims down to just a single guitar and vocals. These sections provide a perfect juxtaposition to the high octane thrill of the rest of the song.

Amber T - Ripped Jeans

Amber T is a young star on the rise, and you can see exactly why on this fantastic new single 'Ripped Jeans'. At the tender age of 18, Amber has already made a name for herself within the Alt Pop space and has a growing fan base, helping her to amass hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify alone. Ripped Jeans is a standout single however, full of energy, real instruments and infectious hooks galore. In that sense you get a bit of an early Avril Lavigne vibe here, with the aforementioned catchiness combined with heavy use of guitar and drums. Throughout Amber's vocals are equal parts melodic as they are energetic, providing the song with a euphoric, uplifting feel. The instrumentation provides a solid foundation for Amber's melodies and lyrics to take centre stage, which they certainly do. This is a really top single from start to finish... I think we have a star in the makings...

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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