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Updated: May 31, 2022

Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.


HADEE. is an Alt-Pop/Rock artist from South Florida, and is certainly bringing some 80's synthpop vibes on this latest track, with a rock edge! That rock edge really helps to separate the track from the surge of 80's inspired synthpop songs we have seen enter the mainstream recently. On this track the energy is high throughout with some excellent vocals provided by HADEE. There are also some great guitar riffs that emerge throughout the track, provideing that rockier vibe. He takes inspiration from the likes of The Killers, and Walk The Moon and you can definitely hear that on this anthemic, contagious alt-pop track!

people on tv - Stand

The second single from Brisbane based 'people on tv' kicks off with a really rhythmic vibe early with the acoustic guitar, percussion and synth parts really tying together nicely and driving the track forwards. It provides a really steady and solid foundation for the vocals to sit on top of. Half way through we go into a guitar solo which really opens up the track beautifully as the drums move towards the ride giving a lighter feeling to contrast the distorted guitar solo. We then hit one last big chorus, before another sonic explosion of an outro as the guitars and drums pick up once again. Exhilarating listen from start to finish.

Faded Shades - Waiting on Tomorrow

Faded Shades bring a fresh slice of Rock n Roll in their latest track, 'Waiting on Tomorrow'. The melodies here are super catchy and they sit on top of the driving instrumentation perfectly. In fact, this is probably the closest thing to Oasis out there in the music industry right now! Just as you think the track has settled into a steady rhythm it grows and grows into a huge crescendo that rounds the track off perfectly before an acoustic chorus to draw the song to a close. You can imagine this song going OFF at music festivals!

Headrush - blank slate

Headrush is the solo project of producer and multi-instrumentalist Jack Warren. In this latest single 'blank slate', Jack is bringing an incredibly fresh and modern rock sound. With it's heavy guitar riffs and chords, you can definitely hear some 90's grunge coming through. However this is combined with contemporary production and crisp, hooky melodies, to create a monster of a track. The drums here are very tight and again very modern sounding which helps give this track it's unique sound. It kind of sounds like what Machine Gun Kelly was trying to do with his latest pop punk venture, only the end result here is far more satisfying!

Shady Oaks - Numb

Shady Oaks are bringing back the riffs on this latest single 'Numb'. Those aforementioned riffs remind you of Black keys, and then underneath that you've got some really moody sounding instrumentals that really set the tone. It is a slow burner of a track that slowly builds and builds until the the second half of the song where the vocals soar and so do the guitars with a powerful guitar solo that rounds off this track, in biblical fashion. A rip roaring track that'll initially have you tapping along and then by the end, head banging along to!

Drew Thomas - San Fransisco

Nottingham based singer-songwriter Drew Thomas, brings passionate vocals and emotional landscapes on latest single 'San Fransisco'. The songwriting here is really on point and leads you through a journey lyrically, that is matched perfectly by the instruments which are constantly building up and down to reflect the energy in the vocals. Drew's voice really is the star of the show here, with some amazing melodies in the chorus that are backed up by some beautiful harmonies too. The fuzzy guitars really help to tug on the heartstrings and emphasise the emotion Drew is bringing in the vocals. A superb track!

gloomy june - Always Gonna Let You Down

'gloomy june' is an indie pop band, heralding from sunny California. On this latest song they are channeling Pale Waves in this really catchy single. The vocal melodies in particular are very reminiscent of the aforementioned band, but 'gloomy june' manage to make it their own and unique sounding. This is probably down to the drums and guitars, which sounds like a band truly playing together as a tight unit. The added synths add some really nice textures that help to give the band a really fresh sound.

Pizza Crunch - Young Excitement

Scotland's Pizza Crunch, bring high energy guitars, a driving rhythm section and powerful vocals in this great latest track. The vocals here sound poignant and really manages to evoke emotion in the listener, grabbing your attention immediately. There is a really cool guitar lick that leads into the chorus too and then when the chorus hits, you feel like you are taken on to another level to another sonic plane altogether! The track really hits hard with it's hard hitting lyrics and riffs. A really great track from this band who will definitely be one to look out for!

Josh Ace - Sometimes

Josh Ace beings strong grooves and 80's synth sounds, on latest track 'Sometimes'. The bass really helps to drive this song along, which is then accented with really nice guitar licks. This is all coupled with a power pop feel, that is provided by the hooks in the melody and the luscious synth sounds that decorate the track throughout. Josh describes his lyrics as apocalyptic overtones with a sense of humorous cynicism, and that balance really suits the instrumentation well which is equal parts gritty as it is clean, catchy pop.

Skylights - Enemies

Skylights are really bringing an energetic rock n' roll spirit on latest track 'Enemies'. You are straight away greeted by heavily distorted guitars and thunderous drums, harking back to early Oasis. The vocals here though are distinctively more rhythmic than those previously mentioned Britpop bands, which adds a really intriguing added element. At it's core though, this is a pure, catchy rock track that swaggers with confidence throughout! Definitely a band to watch out for!

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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