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Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

Wotts - Return Flight

Canadian pop outfit Wotts are back with another really slick sounding single. The track kicks off with a really groovey bassline that ties in with the drums to create a really laid back danceable rhythm. The simple keyboard chords over the top tie this all together and creates a really interesting backdrop for the vocals to fit on top of. The melodies are tight, catchy and very well produced. It is certainly an ear worm, and a track that will definitely get you in the mood for the summer months ahead!

Moon Walker - Doombox

Doombox is another electrifying single by Led Zeppelin inspired Moon Walker. The guitars are typically heavy with riffs galore, almost reminiscent of Royal Blood in places. The drums too are aptly massive sounding, with plenty of ghost notes and triplets in line with John Bonhams playing. There are constant swirls in the background, adding to the aesthetic that this is a band that have crashed from outer space and this is the sound they are making upon impact. A fierce track to get you going!

Faith Low - Manic

Faith Low's first single is a really interesting, electronic heavy track, with it's big synth sounds and pounding drums. The drums in particular really hit hard throughout and constantly propel the track forwards. The bass then ties in really nicely with the drums to provide a solid foundation. The vocal melodies are really catchy and really get in your head straight away, and manage to combine a hip hop edge to a very indie pop sound, almost similar to The Neighbourhood. Really great first release from this act and I'm looking forward to hearing more!

Leo - Helicopter Leaves

Leo is back with a really fresh sounding summer anthem. With it's R&B and Hip Hop influences, Leo combines this with some shimmering guitars, danceable beats and incredibly soulful vocals. The drums are incredibly tight too and add to that really light summery aesthetic that this really melodic song has. This track will really have you dreaming, that a certain someone was still by your side. A really great song that you should definitely be adding to your playlists ahead of the summer months!

Elektric Animals - Come Clean

In this latest track, Elektric Animals bring a dirty, bassy sound reminiscent of The Black Keys' best work, with their distorted guitar riffs. The chorus then kicks in with a much lighter feeling that contrasts against the dirty sounding verses perfectly, with it's catchy falsetto ooooh's leading the charge. There is an incredibly energetic middle 8 that sets the track up perfectly for one last big singalong chorus. A really catchy song that you'll be humming along to for days after listening!

Lazy Hunter - influencer

'influencer' kicks off with some really interesting rhythms and time signatures to really catch you out straight away as a listener and hooks you in. The song is a clear take on the influencer culture that we find ourselves in and goes through some interesting takes on the industry, and how this is all really a highlights reel and isn't real life. Instrumentally is where this song really shines, with an incredible instrumental section that plays the song out, that leaves you wanting more! The song is mysterious at every turn which reflects the insincere nature of the influencer culture.

The Rapports - Wanna Be

Brighton Indie Rockers 'The Rapports' bring a fresh take on the indie rock genre in their latest track 'Wanna Be'. Straight away you get an early Kings of Leon vibe in the verses but with a distinct English edge. This leads you up to the huge sounding chorus with it's massive, yearning vocals. The chorus is incredibly powerful instrumentally with the drums and bass really powering through and the guitars adding some really interesting textures too. A really great indie rock track, to get you going!

Swivvel - Prose

Miami based Swivvel bring some shining melodies in latest track 'Prose'. This is brought to life by some heavily chorused guitars and luscious vocal melodies. You can hear similarities with bands like 'Peach Pit' and 'Mac Del Marco' with the heavy use of the aforementioned chorus pedal. They refer to their sound with an analogy about an ice cream, and you can certainly taste the ice cream in this summer tinged track, that you'll be listening to all summer long!

Render Ghosts - Keeping My Number

Render Ghosts' latest track is a synth pop anthem of the highest order, with it's hooky synth melodies and typically 80's style bass sounds and drums. The vocal performance is excellent too, as it mirrors the synth melody, set to some haunting synth pads. The drums have an almost 'The Postal Service' indie electronic feel to them which help to propel the track forward throughout, never looking back. A great track from start to finish.

Da Da DA - All too soon

Da Da Da's debut single starts off with some intricate guitar picking that sets a great backdrop for the lead vocals to sit on top of. By the time the drums kick in the track really settles into a groove, before some really interested change ups in terms of structure and timings really catch you out, capturing the attention of the listener. Towards the end of the track where the drums move onto the ride Cymbal is where the song really opens up before gently falling to a quite abrupt ending. A really interesting listen!

Sahara Beck - Stillness

Sahara Beck's latest single starts off with a really cool vibe, with it's steady bass and drum rhythms set to Sahara's soft, percussive vocals. This is combined with some incredibly tight harmonies reminds you of Billie Eilish with those aforementioned hush tones, but with more of an indie rock edge with the distorted guitars that enter later on. The track really builds up to a beautiful crescendo climax, that is filled with ear candy, keeping the listener satisfied at every turn. Expect a bright future from this pop star in the makings!

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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