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Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

littleDNGR - I Love Danger

littleDNGR call their genre 'Grunge Pop' and that classification is the perfect way of describing this really exciting pop song. On the one hand you've got distorted heavy bass throughout, combined with tight, crisp drums. And then on top of that you've got perfect vocal melodies combined with some luscious harmonies. You then throughout get little hits of distorted guitar giving it more of that grungey tone and edge. That juxtaposition of the grunge and the pop sounds is what makes this song such an interesting listen. A great single by this Grammy nominated duo!

The Grand Prix - Surf Panama

Surf Panama kicks off very atmospheric, in almost a futuristic cowboy film soundtrack-esque manner! Then the track suddenly switches with some drum stabs to then become more of a groovey thumping rocker, with it's fantastic distorted guitar riffs. Over the top of this you then have some lead guitar that again harps back to that earlier vibe. By the time the vocals come in you are hooked as a listener. The vocals are then very simple, repeating the 'Surf Panama' motif but with lot's of layers and harmonies to add an almost Beach Boys surfing feel. The track then returns to a really fun instrumental outro to round the song off!

Wotts - 6 Shooter

Wotts are an Otawa based Indie Pop duo and they are fast becoming one of my favourite bands in the genre. With their slick Indie Pop sound and catchy hooks they have really caught my attention. And this track is no exception! With it's atmospheric guitar lines and synths providing a dense back drop, the tight vocals and harmonies really catch your ear as a listener, backed by a high synth line following the vocal melody. They are once again providing not only a nice sounding aesthetic, but some really substance here in this top new track.

State Assembly - Here Summer

State Assembly is the debut project of London based Steve Youll. Steve produces tracks that blend indie-rock with electronic sounds. This latest single is a really laid back, soothing summery tune (as the title suggests). With it's steady drum groove and uplifting, choppy guitar chords, the song really takes you away to beach somewhere, feeling the warmth of the sun and sea breeze. Steve's falsetto vocals over the top really complement this perfectly. Definitely a song to go on your summer playlist!

Juniper Avenue - Bumfuzzle

Juniper Avenue are dialing up the rock vibes and energy on latest single 'Bumfuzzle'. There is a distinct 'Americana' feel to this track, with it's bluesy piano backing up the melodic, fuzzy guitars and thumping drums. The band describe this era of recording as 'Chuck Rock' which will also be the title of their upcoming album. It leaves you as a listener very excited to see what this North Carolina four-piece will do with this exciting sound on their full length debut album! A great track showing huge potential in the four-piece!

Mia Mormino - Joan of Arc

Mia Mormino is bringing a fierce fresh pop sound on latest track 'Joan of Arc' which goes to show exactly why she is one of the most exciting new pop artists around! Mia's powerful vocals once again take centre stage on this impeccably written track, showcasing her game-changing writing prowess. Mia comes from Los Angeles and has amassed over 1m streams on Spotify to go with the 6.5m over on YouTube - proving the huge popularity and potential this artist already has. Definitely a standout track from a standout artist that you should definitely keep an eye out for!

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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