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Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

Alta Falls - The Fire

Australian Indie outfit Alta Falls are back with another hooky single! This track has a really upbeat feel and fuses some funky basslines with a driving drumbeat to create a strong foundation for the track. On top of that sits some crunching guitars with some added synth lines that decorate the track perfectly. The vocals as mentioned are incredibly catchy and really grab your ear and leave you wanting more.

Duff Kelly - Lace My Kicks

Duff Kelly has an incredible story behind his musical journey, overcoming a plane crash in '07 and losing the use of his dominant hand and brain cognition to battle through that and work towards achieving his musical ambitions. An amazing story and you can hear the passion and the pain in his yearning, powerful vocals on this track. The instrumentation is simple and yet effective, with a steady drum beat driving the song along. There are also some really nice melodies added in to the instrumentation which really back up with vocals perfectly. But it is the vocals and the harmonies that are the star of the show and really connect with the listener, venturing off into falsetto at points which hits even harder!

Low Girl - So Cool

Low Girl are back with another irresistible slice of Alt Pop on latest track 'So Cool'. The instrumental here is incredibly fun and lively. The synths play a big role in this track with some great melodies backing up the vocal melodies. There are sections of time changes as well in the drums which really keep you engaged as a listener. The lyrics surround themes of loneliness, isolation and mental health issues and you can really hear that in the vocal delivery, with their feeling of distance that leaves you craving intimacy. Really great track from these Hemel Hempstead newcomers!

Moon Walker - The Hollywood Machine

Moon Walker are back, with a Zeppelin inspired single, 'The Hollywood Machine'. The guitar riffs here are something you would certainly expect from the previously mentioned rock gods. The drums then back this up perfectly, constantly filling and playing around the kit to give a really 70's rock feel. The production however manages to keep this sounding very fresh and contemporary. The distorted vocals of lead singer Harry Springer top it all off perfectly with it's psychedelic rantings about the Hollywood Machine.

Buffalo Paradise - Buffalo Paradise

Sydney based Buffalo Paradise are bring a bright fresh, beach sound on this latest track. The vocals are punchy and the harmonies really help to convey a Beach Boys type of vibe, whilst the instrumentation is more of an Indie Rock sound - it almost reminds me of some of Jack Penate's best work. The chorus gives off a huge sound with the harmonies really helping to elevate it. The drums really maintain this upbeat feel by maintaining a high energy throughout. The melodies really are sugar sweet adding to this seafoam drenched aesthetic.

Everything but the Everything - In Love... Again

The latest track from Everything but the Everything is an eery sounding track, with it's organ sounds and muffled vocal production. You are constantly left in a feeling of suspense as if it was set within a horror film, keeping the adrenaline ready at all times to explode into life. The song really does burst into life when the drums switch up to the ride and the song really opens up with a powerful bassline, driving the section. Overall a really interesting listen from start to finish!

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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