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Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

Moon Museum - Contraptions

On this latest release, Moon Museum manage to fuse tinges of 90's grunge, with some lighter instrumentation provided by acoustic guitars and uplifting electric guitar lines. The vocals have a really dreamy feel to them which really suits what is going on instrumentally. I love how this track feels so laid back and yet powerful at the same time. This is attributable to the steady tempo, combined with harder hitting guitars and drum fills. 'Contraptions' is a really powerful Indie Rock song that sounds unique to the others out there.

Coral Palms - Drink Too Much

Coral Palms grew up in Torquay in the UK, and you can definitely hear that the beach and the ocean breeze has infected their sound with an incredibly light and uplifting Indie Pop vibe. You can hear influences of Two Door Cinema club in the intricate guitar lines in this song, which help to add to the breezy feel. To couple that, the vocal lines are hooky and are perfectly backed up by a punchy rhythm section. There are also big singalong aspects to the song with anthemic melodies that seem tailor made for the UK festival circuit. The track explodes towards the end in a very Foals like manor, that brings the track to a stormy conclusion - just like the end of your typical UK heatwave...

Alta Falls - Into You

'Into You' kicks off the exact same way it intends to you on, with uplifting synth sounds and crisp production. The vocal melodies here are tight and are backed up perfectly by the synth lines. The chorus really elevates the track with a catchy melody and the instrumentation naturally goes up a gear. They are proving themselves more and more each release with their soaring harmonies and addictive melodies. Definitely an Indie Pop band to watch over the next year.

Roi Bars - Run From The Police

This track starts off with a fierce energy that matches the title of the track. From there a really groovey bassline really propels the song in the verses. Meanwhile the vocals have the energy of rap - but with a strong melodic and catchy element to them too. The chorus culminates in 'yeah yeah yeah's' that feel like the tribal battle cry of a cult. Towards the end of the track the song briefly breaks down to a dub step motif before coming back to the chorus in what is a really interesting switch-up. A really strong and intriguing track from San Diego singer-songwriter Roi Bars.

The Lonely Together - Keep a Secret

Keep a secret kicks off with an Alternative Dream Rock sound, with vocals that remind me of Arcade Fire. The song quickly builds into an incredibly melodic chorus, that is just the right length to intrigue you into listening on more. The rest of the song is shrouded in mystery, that is backed up by emotive songwriting. The song reaches a climatic ending after building and building, adding to the strong emotions you can hear at play here. A really strong release here from Scotland's dream rockers.

Spangled - Headspace

Manchester band Spangled combine the melodic elements of some of their influences (Joy Division, The Smiths, The Stone Roses) with a fierce energy to create a distinctly Manchester and yet unique sound. This track bops around for 3:15 with it's jangly guitars, melodic basslines and uptempo drums. The vocal lines are incredible catchy too and you can see teenage lads at festivals going mad for this one in festival tents, jumping around with the energy that the song provides and singing every line at the top of their lungs.

Kyler Slater - Dysmorphia

On this latest track by Kyler Slater you can hear many different influences. From Glass Animals-esque vocal melodies and some hip hop style percussion. The vocal melodies are sung with an incredible falsetto sound, and when dreamy guitars enter, it really helps to elevate the track to a really euphoric chorus. This track has a great hip hop feel throughout that allows the track to sound incredibly fresh and hard hitting.

Riley Urbano - Propaganda of the Dead

This song starts off with some chorus laden acoustic guitar, along with a quirky drum beat. However when the vocals kick in this switches to a straighter rhythm section, with some really unique chords and changes that keep the ear's attention. In fact every time you think this song has settled, you are pulled in a different direction altogether, which constantly keeps you guessing. Every turn though is one that keeps your attention as a listener through different sonical landscapes. A belting track.

Shae Brock - Better Tonight

Shae Brock manages to encapsulate her 'Dream Rock' sound perfectly on this latest track from the rising star. The disco tinged bass line, accompanied with incredibly hooky vocals is set to a stomping drum beat that stamps it's authority throughout the song. Distorted guitar lines are introduced throughout the song just when needed to give the track a bit of an edge. This kind of sounds like if Dua Lipa had become a fan of Arctic Monkeys 'AM' then decided to record an AM infused track. As a big fan of both those artists I love the sound of this track and Shae really has huge star potential. One to keep an eye out for.

Piper King - Not That Bad

Piper has returned here to haunt the world with her dreamy tunes and horrifyingly cute vocals. Imagine if Billie Eilish and Kevin Parked did a collab and I think you'd get something similar to this really cool track. This song is Indie but with a very contemporary twist, that makes it sound incredibly refreshing. The synths here provide the stardust required to bring the dreamy element to life here as we are led by the lyrics that Piper delivers with such bittersweet beauty.

Indigo FM - Anhedonia

Indie Rock band Indigo FM hail from Los Angeles and pull from influences such as The Strokes, Weezer and The Killers, to produce their own inimitable brand of Alternative music. The instrumentation is very tight and well thought out and the chorus provides a real ear worm. The unconventional nature of their music combined with catchy melodies, proves a really exciting listen from start to finish.

Saturnine Sighs - Swoon

Saturnine Sighs are a dream pop duo from London (no not that London...), Ontario, Canada. They bring you bedroom and basement Indie that is full of emotions with a tint of psychedelia. There are guitars drenched in reverb and chorus, in a Mac DeMarco type manor. Whilst there are brooding synths that allow the vocal harmonies to sit on top and shine and express the emotions of the yearning lyrics. A beautiful song that cuts deep.

Elektric Animals - Woe is Me

Elektric Animals once again provide us with their stomping Indie Rock sound, that is constantly driving and pushing the song forwards. Synths are also brought in to give the track a lighter, sweeter sound in sections to balance out the distorted guitars and hand claps perfectly. The chorus is a real singalong belter too, with hooks everywhere. The instrumental breakdown shows off the bands technical skills before one last rousing chorus finishes off the track perfectly.

YESICAN - Feels Like Summer

This track is called Feels Like Summer and it definitely sounds like Summer on this bright, catchy track. The chiming keyboards really set the tone straight away and the harmonies here are just divine. The rhythm section provides a really cool laid back vibe that suits the rest of the song perfectly. The synth and guitar lines are fun and playful, complementing the melodies. Production here is bang on the money too with phasers used and also a low-fi section that add some sonic contrast, before letting in the sunshine once again for the final chorus. Definitely going on my summer playlist!

All The Racket - Tequila Dreams

All The Racket are an Indie band currently taking Toronto by storm, and you can see why on this rousing new track. The track definitely fuses some of their influences like The Strokes and Cage The Elephant and packages it into an incredibly fresh and modern sound. The track has a really cool, head nodding feel to it. The hooks are big and there are heavy sections where distorted guitars enter that help add some variation to the track. This song is foot stompingly good.

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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