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NEW MUSIC February!

Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

ALCHA - Nowhere To Go

ALCHA is bringing cool, modern electronic sounds on this latest single, 'Nowhere To Go'. It has a really sleek sound as previously mentioned, with it's well produced vocals and perfectly layered atmospheric sounds. The drums here are once again ultra-modern sounding, constantly propelling the song in the right direction along with synth bass sounds, filling out the rhythm section. The songwriting here is excellent too and really paints a picture for the listener. Beautiful harmonies in particular bring the emotion through in the chorus and provide a blissful experience for the listener. A superb track!


Canadian Indie Poppers 'Wotts' are back with a luscious new single 'SOMETHING'. This latest single sees the band incorporate more rock guitars and power chords than we are used to, which gives a really strong edge to this 80's infused pop song. The chorus here is so light as well, with it's soaring synth sounds that elevate the track to euphoric levels - giving a sense you are floating up above the rest of the world and looking down from a birds-eye view in an outer body type experience. There are further pop sensibilities throughout the production and the vocal melodies are typically hooky, ensuring this song stays with you for much longer than its 2:57 playing time. Really excited to see what this group will produce next!

Merlot Embargo - Sticking Around

Merlot Embargo is an Indie Americana Pop Duo, consisting of a singer/ songwriter and guitarist couple. They produce and record all their songs from their home studio, but you wouldn't have guessed that with this incredibly well balanced and tasteful track. The instrumentation here provides a great foundation for the lead vocals to soar... and soar they do! There are some beautiful melodies here that are sung with intense passion, which really grabs at your heartstrings as a listener. The song builds throughout and comes to an abrupt halt at the end, which really encapsulates the emotions of the lyrical content being described here. Great listen from start to finish!

Lost Club - Apathy

The latest track by Lost Club, really caught my attention with it's modern synthpop sound that felt warm and catchy - every bit as it is sleek and cool. There is a really cool aesthetic throughout with it's heavily reverbed guitars, providing an atmosphere that you could cut through with a knife. The bass line really keeps the song grooving in the right direction through the verses, which leads perfectly to the chorus. The chorus itself has some fantastic melodies in the vocals that are backed up by the same melody in the lead guitar which really helps to elevate the vocal melody. Overall, this is great listen from start to finish, providing just the right amount of both light and shade to keep you engaged as a listener at all times!

Mote - Hello Divine

This new single from Mote, begins with an ominous bass riff, accompanied by atmospheric synths. When the vocals kick in, the danceable drums follow adding a completely new element to this track. The chorus then soon kicks in which has this incredibly catchy 'Hello Divine' motif that grabs you instantly and will no doubt stick with you as a listener! There is certainly an industrial pop feel about this song that is really quite interesting and unique and something that is definitely not represented enough if the modern music scene. Mote has already amassed hundreds of thousands of streams over on Spotify and its not hard to see why in this enthralling new single!

Ali Rice - Night Call

Bristol based solo artist Ali Rice is back with new single 'Night Call'. You can definitely hear elements of Kings of Leon in this single, with it's driving basslines and huge chorus melodies. It is very much a builder of a track that starts off slowly, like a mellow singer-songwriter acoustic track. Then later on the track really ignites into gear, utilising the sounds of aforementioned Kings Of Leon to create a huge climax that rounds the song off perfectly, and really expresses the emotions of the lyrics. A stellar track from a great up and coming artist.

The Starkillers - Close To The End

The Starkillers' latest offering is a driving song that hits hard! In the verses have energetic drums and basslines that really propel the track forward. Then by the time the chorus hits you are already gripped as a listener. The chorus in particular though with it's anthemic melodies and harmonies are the star of the show here. Especially the singalong falsetto parts in this are where you can really see crowds getting involved and singing along at the top of their lungs!

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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