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Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

Galaxy Thief - Free

Swanage 4-piece Galaxy Thief are back with a brand new single, 'Fire'. This is another high energy track by the Indie Pop Rockers. The guitars are loud, the drums thunderous and the hooks are huge! This one is a really anthemic number, complete with singalong 'woah's' that you can imagine resonating with huge crowds of people in the future. You can definitely hear touches of pop-punk in this track, but it has been put together in a much more modern and fresh format. Give this one a listen and you'll be sure to have it stuck in your head for days!

Movment - Leave Me Alone

Irish alternative rock band Movment, fuse electronic elements with rock guitars on this latest track 'Leave Me Alone'. The song has a constant driving feel, with guitars playing the riff relentlessly in an 'Immigrant Song'-esque manner. Movment cover themes of divergence within society and you can hear that throughout this song, with the instrumentation perfectly reflecting that separation and anxiety, with it's 'on the edge' feel throughout. The vocals yearn in the chorus 'leave me alone, I am dangerous', which I think encapsulates the feeling and the sentiment behind this track in a defiant manner.

Wotts - Sunnyside

Wotts are back with another sunshine infused track, aptly named 'Sunnyside'! This song has an incredibly funky feel, which is provided by the funky basslines and equally groovey drum rhythms. This is then backed up by some really cool licks on synths and keyboard that really sit on top of that rhythm section and makes the song glisten in the sunlight. The vocal melodies are once again hooky and easy to sing along to, making this a really fun, feel-good track. It certainly helps to pick you up and take you back to Summer, in these dark winter months!

Madeline Jaina - Counting Sheep

Madeline Jaina uses imagery driven poetry to tell stories that seem both familiar and entirely unique - and they manage to do that perfectly on this track! Jaina also says they tend to write songs to convey feelings and thoughts that they would otherwise find difficult to communicate (I think a lot of songwriters can relate to that!). What that does is it allows you to see right into the emotions and mindset of the writer and really cut deep to find those deeper feelings. In this track Jaina uses some really interesting instrumentation to help convey their lyrics. The guitars are twangy, with a swirlying chorus effect throughout and the drums are low-fi and understated, but equally pack a punch. The song is incredibly easy to sing along with it's 'doo bap, da dee da' singalong chorus, really elevating the track to new heights.

Dan Pye - Following The Dao

Off the back of supporting the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Maximo Park and Half Moon Run, Dan Pye is back with his brilliant new track, 'Following the Dao'. This song blends lo-fi electronic sounds, with organic instrumentation to produce a really fresh sound. You can certainly hear some of his influences here from the likes of Postal Service and Tame Impala with that blend or electronic and organic instrumentation. I can also hear a lot of similarities here to The 1975, with it's steady rhythm, laden with interesting guitar hooks and synth sounds. Really strong self production here from Dan Pye.

Addezine - Through My Hands

Addezine is a UK-based solo artist, who draws from the likes of Frank Ocean, Blood Orange and James Blake. You can really hear how he has managed to combine those influences on this track and yet at the same time create a sound that is different and entirely unique. The track has a really laid back feel, with it's steady drums and funky basslines, helping to push the track along. Tom then sings his catchy vocals over the top to create a sound that makes you feel both sad and happy at the same time, which is pretty impressive considering this is only Tom's second single!

Everything But The Everything - Can't Allow

'Can't Allow' kicks off with a grungey, fast paced start. Then the vocals come in with the passionate deliver you would come to expect from a new wave post punk act, but with incredible vigour. It balances out the fast tempo drums perfectly. This is all accompanied by some great riffing on the guitars that keep the track propelling forward in the right direction. The final chorus brings a rousing ending to this song as the drums move over to the crash and really obliterate you right at the end, completing this compelling journey.

Harvey Jay Dodgson - Caroline

Harvey Jay Dodgson is a solo artist from the South of England and brings an incredibly fresh Indie Rock sound on this latest track, which takes you on a rollercoaster of a journey! Just as you think you are settled in this song, the track takes a turn and takes you down a completely different path. The verses start off steady paced and laid-back, until a really interesting turnaround to the much quicker chorus. It means as a listener you are constantly guessing yourself where the track will go next, highly engaging the listener. Before you know it the track has finished, and what a roller coaster of a track it was. Al I can say is you've got to listen to this one now!

Reardon Love - Purple Hearts

This track kicks off with an instant sounding guitar riff that sounds like something from The Stone Roses. However Reardon Love manage to add a bit more of an upbeat, danceable feel to the track, courtesy of the high energy rhythm section. When the chorus kicks in there are some beautiful harmonies that really elevate the song along with those again danceable drums. The guitar opts for some lovely chiming arpeggios that suit the spirit of the chorus. The chorus in particular is incredibly hooky along with the aforementioned guitar riff, which really gets you hooked into this great track!

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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