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Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

Low Key Crush - Night Time

'Night Time' starts off with some acoustic guitar which is accompanied by some moody reverbed vocals - setting the tone nicely. Then the bass and drums come in which complement the main melody and guitar part perfectly. As the song develops some arpeggiated electric guitar lines enter, in a call and response fashion with the vocals to great effect. The melodies here are super and really melancholic which is enforced by the atmospheric sound. A really strong dreamy release by the Melbourne duo!

Wotts - Domino

Ottawa duo 'Wotts' are back with another high energy, synthpop anthem with new track 'Domino'. The song kicks off strong straight away with energetic synths hooking you in straight away. The instrumentation is pretty full on throughout which complements the catchy, upbeat vocal melodies. There is a little pause in the thick instrumentation for a really nice guitar breakdown - giving the listener the perfect break before bringing it all back for a strong outro. Another great release from this band!

Micah Thunder - Mama's House

Indie-Folk-Rock artist 'Micah Thunder', makes wild journey music. Music that reveals unspoken secrets of the heart. And you can really hear that coming through in the passionate vocal delivery - along with some moody instrumentation that really provides the perfect backdrop for Micah's storytelling. This song is a really strong ballad with a modern edge and twist that allows it to still feel fresh and contemporary. The song reaches a strong and poignant climax that finishes the song off perfectly and leaves you wanting more!

Eddz - Ignorance

Northampton based singer-songwriter Liam Taylor is back and is looking to immerse himself artistically into EDDZ. This latest single is a really interesting alt-pop song. The track is filled with hooky melodies and tight instrumentation which gives it a really high quality feel. The chorus is anthemic and that anthemic nature helps to get across the great songwriting and the topics being discussed here. It's a song you could definitely hear being played on national radio as it has a really good, radio friendly sound to it.

See Plus - The Sun

See Plus have been adding noisy indie pop to the New Jersey music scene since 2016, and this latest track is no let up on that mantra! The track starts off with some really bright guitar sounds, reflecting the songs title. That brightness is something that remains throughout the track, with some fantastic harmonies adding to that sunshine feel of this summery track. The song is interesting throughout and the instrumentation is constantly evolving, keeping the listener engaged to the yearning narrative of the lyrics.

Ten Hands High - I Don't Need a Lobster

London based indie band Ten Hands High are back with another couple of great tracks that have gone straight on my playlist! This one in particular being my favourite!

The Silver Lines - Love Made

The Silver Lines are back with a sleazy rock stomper of a track 'Love Made'. With it's thudding kick and hand claps rhythm and guitar/ bass riffs it has an Arctic Monkeys 'Do I Wanna Know?' feel to it. This feel helps to give the track a head nodding rhythm as you find yourself singing along to the huge choruses. The leads vocals here are full of personality which adds a really fun element to the track. Really strong track!

Scream Mountain - Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Scream Mountain have a Dreamy take on Indie Rock, and that really comes across on their latest brilliant track. The intro is soft and delicate with those dream-pop chorused guitars leading you into the vocals. The vocals then dive straight into some super melodies. There are some really interesting guitar break downs which help to punctuate the track with some aggressive angsty sounds. As the song continues it really opens out and the hooks get even catchier. Then in the latter half of the song the instrumentals really pick up in energy, providing a really interesting and perfect conclusion to this super song!

Katanak - Weigh Down

Katanak brings a really energetic, indie pop sound on this latest release. The song kicks off straight away with some crisp production and interesting instrumentation. The harmonies on the vocals really catch your ear as a listener, before launching into the very catchy chorus. The grooves in the track are really strong with some synth bass sounds locking in great with the drums, which in turn locks in with the vocals. The middle 8 here really takes off with some soaring guitars and vocals, before dropping back for one last singalong chorus. Really groovey, fresh sounding song!

Jordan Dean - Feeling Strange

Jordan Dean says he is influenced by the likes of Jamie T, Arctic Monkeys and Strokes... Given that they are among my favourite artists I was always going to like this one! But there is definitely a youthful zest that certainly reminds you of early Jamie T and also to me of Viola Beach. There are really nice guitar parts all over this track which has a great feel to it. You can tell that Jordan really has something to say in his lyrics, and the added 'la's' in the choruses, will ensure this one catches on quickly with festival audiences this summer!

Odeons - Leave Alone

The Odeons are back with another raucous new single. There are heavy guitars and synth sounds all over this track, grabbing your attention right away. The Odeons go by the mantra of fusing modern electronic sounds with more classic organic instruments, and this combination creates a really unique sound as always from them. The song twists and turns throughout, keeping the listener engaged and feeling every word of the yearning, powerful vocals. The track climaxes with a rousing final singalong chorus, to round things off perfectly.

Toothbrush - Kaleidoscope

Toothbrush bring a spiky Indie sound on their great debut single. The vocals throughout are performed in a spoken word style but with a real edge, that allows the narrator to provide some really insightful social commentary. The tempo is slow which allows the rhythm section the freedom to be a little experimental which gives it a great groove to sit beneath the aforementioned social commentary. You can also hear a lot of angst and anger in this song which build up once more before one last go through of the ear worm chorus. If you like Yard Act, you'll love this one!

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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