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Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

Lost Club - Alone

The latest single from Lost Club, is an upbeat, joyous track filled with catchy guitar lines and summery sounds. This sound juxtaposes nicely with the poignant lyricism at play here. Throughout the song the bass-lines are melodic and playful which adds to the steady rhythm section of the drums. Then just when you think you are in for an easy ride the track hits you with some stabbing off-beat rhythms, that keep the listeners' attention throughout. The harmonies in the chorus really bolster up the melody too, making it incredibly hooky, which fits the melodic instrumentation like a glove.

Alex Ohm - Joy

This track kicks off straight away with interesting rhythms and timings that grabs your ear straight off the bat. The song is called 'Joy' and you can really hear exactly that - joy all the way throughout this song. The song has an incredibly uplifting feel, with it's singalong chorus and upbeat rhythm section. You can really see this song being a huge hit at festivals this summer with crowds uniting for this catchy, singalong anthem.

Fonteray - Stay Close

'Stay Close' kicks off with a synthy sonic landscape that explodes into life with a really groove heavy bass-line, combined with some 4 to the floor drums that give this a really strong disco vibe. The vocals are light and crisp, which sits perfectly with the disco, party anthem sound. You can hear Tame Impala tinges here with some heavily reverbed falsetto vocals and lo-fi drums, filling out what is a really complete sound. This is a track that should be on your Summer playlist and played on full blast!

Wotts - Before

Wotts manage to fuse Indie Pop with Hip Hop sounds with a hint of psychedelia on this really interesting listen. There is a heavy use of synths throughout that are tied in perfectly with well written guitar lines, to blend the aforementioned genres along with some hip hop style beats. On top of that the song itself is catchy as hell and will have you singing along after your first listen!

Richard Orofino - Fake Me

Richard is a really exciting artist who combines soulful vocal melodies with really punchy bass sounds on this super cool track. The rhythm section is very steady and allows the rest of the track to flourish. Most of this is down to Richard's superb vocal melodies that keep you hooked throughout. Sonically this track is very diverse - signified by the distorted drum sounds towards the end. There is significant genre blurring going on here, but I think this song really manages to pull it off!

Atomic Bronco - Headfirst

Headfirst is an interesting blend of alternative, indie, classic rock and garage rock that creates an inimitable sound. This song brings a rock n roll energy that appears lacking in a lot of today's music. Some of the guitar work here is straight up punk with it's raucous, driving power chords. Later on in the track there is a pretty cool guitar solo as well which you don't hear nearly enough nowadays!

inbuilt obsolescence - these hands do what they can

inbuilt obsolescence describe this new track as like 'Carving out music from electro-noise, like a route through a bustling city, a city-scape of sounds mixed binaurally make you feel as though in the middle of it'. And those words really do describe this song incredibly well. There are layers upon layers here, all tied together with a digital thread of spoken word. There's much sonic information to digest, which acts as a striking reflection of modern society and the pressures of modern life - which is embodied in the lyrics here. Experimentation is littered throughout which is what gives the song such a refreshing flavour. This is one of those where words are hard to find and almost feel insignificant... it's just one of those songs you've got to check out for yourself!

Alpha Mortal Foxtrot - No One Will Talk About Us (No One Will Owe Us Anything)

The latest release by Alpha Mortal Foxtrot starts off like a Foals track with arpeggiated echoey guitars, building the tension early on. From there the song grows and grows with it's understated and yet powerful vocals, really pumped up by the dramatic drums. This builds and builds with the delayed guitars growing throughout. This is until the song goes through a complete switch-up, 4:10 in where the guitars become more flanged and the drums build once again to a more energetic outro that really completes this sonic journey in a fine manor.

Terry Jack Eddy - Desires and Liars

This track kicks off exactly how it intends to go on, with a synth heavy, uplifting sound. The synths are all off beat which adds a really Summery flavour to the track. Production here is crisp and reflects the fresh pop sound throughout. The song is a real earworm too, with the verses being just as catchy as the chorus, meaning you are hooked throughout. Simplicity seems key with this song and it is a very promising first release from Terry Jack Eddy.

Mako Bron - Sideways

Sideways is a stomping Indie Pop release from Sydney based singer songwriter Mako Bron. I can definitely hear influences from the likes of Future Islands, Hot Chip and then also in some parts The White Lies. However, these varying influences are brought together seamlessly on this really strong track. The powerful guitars are balanced out by light synths here to keep the track sounding fresh and not too heavy - but the guitars really give it some grit. It feels like a song yearning, reaching out for something higher - a feeling a lot of us can relate to.

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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