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Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

Breakfast For Dinner - Say

The latest single by Breakfast For Dinner starts off with a distinctly 80's sound with it's big brash synth sounds and a big splashy snare sound. This combined with the booming bass and staccato guitar rhythms, reminds you of The 1975 and early Pale Waves. The lead vocals are reverb drenched too which only adds to that atmospheric sound. The chorus here is really strong, and feels emotive whilst at the same time sounding like a huge pop hit. It really is that juxtaposition between the bright synths and drum sounds, with the emotive heartfelt lyrics that really makes this song special. A really good listen that I will no doubt have on repeat!

miss anita - oh

miss anita comprises of two brother, and you can really here that brotherly chemistry throughout this incredibly well put together track. The melodies here are really catchy and sit perfectly on top of the atmospheric synth sounds. The drums really pick up in the very catchy chorus, which is layered with other instruments that really help elevate the chorus above the rest of the track. Later in the song there is a really cool whistle led breakdown, that will no doubt have you whistling along. This is before building up to one last big singalong chorus to finish the song off a treat. A really strong debut single by this electronic duo.

Abi Foster & Andy Lowe - Hear Me

This collaboration between Abi Foster and Andy Lowe combines the formers' bright, passionate vocals with some really interesting instrumentation, producing a really well rounded track. The song is full of well-placed synths that help to pick out the main melody. That combined with the driving bass really propels this track. It almost feels like a fresh, more 80's sounding version of Abba with its melodic hooks throughout the instrumentation and vocals. By the time it draws to a halt, it leaves the listener wanting more!

ODEONS - Level Playing Field

ODEONS is an internationally established producer duo and that standing really shows in this track. The song has very much an alternative rock edge, but is put together in an incredibly modern and fresh sounding fashion. The song is high octane throughout with it's big singalong chorus. The vocals are sung in a high register that brings up similarities with Nothing But Thieves. This song has a powerful, political feel about it that makes it seem as though an uprising is on the way - and it is testament to the track that it is able to evoke such emotions.

Bad Bloom - Automatic

'Automatic' kicks off with some screeching, yearning guitar chords that gives you a sense that something is coming. Then the vocals kick in with it's distant atmospheric feel, combined with some dirty bass sounds that really hook your interest as a listener. The lyrics are powerful as ever from Bad Bloom, that swirl around the instrumentation perfectly, taking you on a journey to some other worldly place. The textures built in here are fabulous with guitars layered perfectly to build on the atmospheric feel of the vocals.

Fleeting Persuasion - Eternal

Eternal starts off with a dark and mysterious feel with it's rock sound, padded out with some dark sounding synths. The drums provide a steady rhythm that allows the rest of the song to build on top of. In the chorus the vocal melody takes centre stage and soars up above the aforementioned moody instrumental. This contrast really allows it to shine. There is a really nice acoustic guitar part towards the end of the track which helps give this song a really authentic and natural feel to it, on top of those dark 'Stranger Things'-esque synths.

Alexander Saint - Thank You

'Thank You' is the latest track by multi-instrumentalist Alexander Saint. The track starts off with a really laid back guitar and vocals vibe, with some really strong, intricate guitar parts and vocal melodies. Then in the chorus, the beat really kicks in which sends the track on a different but exciting tangent. Vocal melodies throughout are really strong and incredibly well sung. There are so many different musical elements in this song, from modern pop sounds, to jazz inspired guitar parts and chords. The result is a really powerful, singalong pop track, with more than enough substance to keep listeners of all sorts of tastes interested throughout.

Cellos - Insomniac

'Insomniac' is a really strong release from County Durham's, Cellos. The song starts with a vocals and guitar only first minute and 20 seconds, which really allows the listener to tune into the vocals and melody of the track. Then by the time the rest of the instrumentation kicks in, the listener is already hooked. You can hear elements here of some of the great Indie Rock acts of the last decade or so, with a gritty North East edge. You can definitely hear elements of The Courteeners and Maximo Park at play here, but with that aforementioned North East gritty edge - making it sound like something entirely unique and of it's own.

Sam Baird - Nothing Really Changes

Sam returns with his recognisably edgy vocals that really grasp the listeners attention. The instrumentation is equally as quirky with some really interesting sounds at play. The guitar riff in particular is really strong that keeps appearing throughout and really gets you invigorated. The chorus is massive, combining that huge guitar riff with Sam's equally huge vocals. The middle 8 provides a really interesting change-up, that sets things up perfectly for the really interesting musical outro, that concludes this really interesting listen perfectly.

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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