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Here is your next dose of standout tunes I have received recently and added to my playlists.

Electric Enemy - Save Me (I'm Not Crazy)

Electric Enemy are a London 4-piece bringing high energy guitars, pounding drums and dynamic vocals. This latest track exemplifies that in spectacular fashion. The track starts off really strong with engaging melodies backed up with perfect harmonies. A lot of the tones here are incredibly dark and mysterious, adding intrigue. The chorus then really takes off like a rocket ship, with it's adrenaline fuelled instrumentation and really hooky main melody. As the song progresses more layers of interesting guitars are added in, keeping the listener guessing at every turn, before a euphoric, theatrical conclusion to the song. A really exciting listen from start to finish from this London quartet that show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Ivy Eye - Make My Way Out (To The Sun)

Ivy Eye's latest single starts off with a Siri-like robotic voice announcing the three words 'disco is dead'. This is the perfect juxtaposition for what follows, which is 3 and a half minutes of modern disco-pop perfection! Straight after this statement you are greeted with a euphoric disco sound of a classic 4 to the floor drum beat, luscious synth sounds and dreamy chiming swirls. The guitars here have a distinctively Nile Rogers feel, making this song sound like it could be a 'Get Lucky' follow up. In the chorus though the soulful, falsetto vocals really take the track to the next level, with a typically groovey bass backing the melody up - evoking feelings of nostalgia and joyous celebration. This track somehow seems to reinvent the disco genre in a way not seen since the aforementioned Daft Punk song that we all know too well. So in a way disco is dead... Because this is disco like you've never heard it before, with a modern and contemporary twist on a well missed genre.

Lapels - Warning Lights

Lapels are bringing back 90's Britpop with a contemporary twist with latest track 'Warning Lights'. Acoustic guitars form the basis of this track, with Suede-esque electric guitar licks throughout - particularly elevating the chorus. The lyrics here are very direct and can resonate with most of us with relatable themes, delivered in an honest and genuine fashion. The whole song is an easy listen with some great melodies, that have you yearning for the good old days of Blur and Oasis et al. We've had our fair share of electronic/ 80's infused pop dominating the charts over the past decade, so maybe it's about time guitar music made a comeback and for the Britpop sound come full circle. If it does, then expect Lapels to be at the forefront of the movement.

Morning Trips - We Have No Time (For Now)

This track kicks off with a brooding first verse, driven by stabbing guitar chords ad steady drums. The feeling is that this track is about to explode. And then comes the chorus with it's huge vocal line that sounds massive. You can definitely hear influences of the early 2000's pop punk movement here with harmonies that you could imagine Blink 182 or Sum 41 putting together. The video is a really cool watch too that you should definitely check out. It conveys an energy that is present throughout the track and a feeling of youthful fun, which epitomises the song.

The Night Alone - Took My Breath Away

Debut single by The Night Alone, is an 80's tinged pop/ rock offering - not too dissimilar to that of the 1975, with it's driving synth basses and chorus laden guitars. Production here is really strong too with an incredibly balanced sound, allowing each instrument to shine on it's own accord. The chorus here sounds like a massive pop hit, that you could imagine Maroon 5 singing (in a good way) or Bruno Mars singing, with it's highly catchy melody and singalong appeal. Overall, a really strong track that shows huge promise for the duo going forward.

POLYDRIVE - Not Me Anymore

The latest song by Tulsa duo POLYDRIVE, is a really well-written indie pop song. The vocal line throughout sounds super-cool and modern, whilst also being hard hitting. It reminds you of LANY with it's fusion of pop sounds with falsetto vocal melodies. There are lot's of 80's sounds splattered around this song, with a driving synth bass and some huge 80's toms in places. This is all grounded though by the acoustic guitar that helps to tie the whole track together. The vocal hook of 'it's not me anymore' is just perfectly produced by dropping out all the other instruments and impeccably delivered. This is one that will get stuck in your head from the first listen for sure like it has mine!

There we have the latest roundup of new tracks I have come across and wanted to share recently! Please do check out the tracks and share the love for these unsigned artists featured, and check out the playlists I have featured them on here:

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